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Yugyeom is apologizing because while he was signing that fan’s album, he was talking to someone else instead of her~ 

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{scan} NU’EST 1st album ‘Re:BIRTH’

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Jiyeon @ Triangle

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Hara: My ideal type is someone of Gyuri Unnie’s style.
Gyuri: This is awkward, but I feel somewhat excited.

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Jiyeon's sasaeng fan real fanchant - 534 plays

Real fanchant of Jingchin  LOL


Hyosung & Sunhwa for CéCi Magazine

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So I kind of search for baby dino here and turns out Jiyeon is the only female idol that do appears har har har. What an appropriate name for her.

P.S I am ready for your long sexy hair to make a comeback anytime now ok Park Jiyeon



Luna from f(x) recieved a letter from a deaf fan who told her he enjoyed her performances because “even though I can’t hear you, I can feel you”. For her last performance on Immortal Song, Luna learned and performed the song “The Day the Sun Rises” with sign language for him.

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plan v diary rewatch┌ snarky dongsaengs, hyuk and hongbin (pt. 1)
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favourite kpop releases of 2013  girl groups PART I